Look after your tyres, and your tyres will look after you

It might sound obvious to say this, but car tyre maintenance is essential for the smooth and efficient running of your vehicle. What’s more, your own safety and well-being might actually depend on it. Car tyres are a fundamental part of any vehicle, but they’re also one of the most vulnerable. For some unfathomable reason even the most attentive drivers neglect to give their car tyres the attention they truly deserve.

Why should you look after those vital pieces of rubber?

  • Properly inflated tyres deliver safer driving stability and greater fuel economy.
  • Maintained car tyres improve the vehicle’s handling.
  • Improper tyre inflation increases the likelihood of increased wear and tear.
  • Well maintained tyres increase traction control which leads to fewer accidents.
  • Tyres with adequate tread handle rolling resistance much better and are less likely to puncture or be damaged.

What are the main causes of tyre problems?

  • Under-inflation of car tyres is a particular problem, and one that’s often overlooked by otherwise careful drivers. Under-inflated car tyres wear excessively and unevenly. This uneven wear can eventually affect the structure and integrity of the tyre itself and will ultimately mean the tyre will need to be replaced to meet the minimum legal requirements for road safety.
  • Over-inflation can also lead to excessive wear and tear and affect the dynamics of the car. Over-inflated tyres can considerably reduce the fuel economy of your vehicle.
  • Carrying excessive or unusual weight in your vehicle puts additional stress on car tyres. The extra weight can cause overheating of the tyre structure itself and may cause permanent and irreparable damage to the tyre’s integrity.

Signs that you may have a problem with your tyres

  • If your vehicle pulls to one side on a straight and evenly-surfaced road, then it’s likely your tyre/wheel may need to be aligned, and the tyres pressures are incorrect. Get the tyre checked at your local garage.
  • If the centre section of your tyre is smooth, then it’s likely your tyre pressure is too high. Your tyre will have to be replaced if this is the case.
  • If the edges of your tyre treads are worn, then this is probably caused by under-inflation and will lead to permanent damage.
  • If your vehicle shakes or feels lumpy at speed, you may need to take your car to a service centre to have the wheel balancing checked.

Remember it’s vital that you check the inflation and depth of tread of your car tyres on a regular basis. It’s for your own safety at the end of the day. Why not pop the vehicle down to your local experts, Bakestone Motors, and let them check the vehicle for you? Peace of mind needn’t come at a high price.