What’s the difference between wheel balancing and wheel alignment?

Most people, if we’re being honest, don’t really know the difference between wheel balancing and wheel alignment. In fact, the majority of customers believe they are actually the same thing. The fact of the matter is they are two completely separate things, and mixing them up could result in expensive and unnecessary repair costs. Fortunately Bakestone Motors are here to help you. Hopefully this short blog will explain some of the basic differences. But don’t worry, if you’d rather let the experts deal with matters, then bring your car to us and our time-served mechanics will check out your vehicle and rectify any balance or alignment problems for you with a minimum of fuss. Continue reading

Look after your tyres, and your tyres will look after you

It might sound obvious to say this, but car tyre maintenance is essential for the smooth and efficient running of your vehicle. What’s more, your own safety and well-being might actually depend on it. Car tyres are a fundamental part of any vehicle, but they’re also one of the most vulnerable. For some unfathomable reason even the most attentive drivers neglect to give their car tyres the attention they truly deserve. Continue reading