Why is there a legal requirement to have an MOT?

That’s the question most people ask. It’s not surprising really, and I suspect most drivers might see it as another stealth tax on the much-maligned motorist, on top of insurance, road tax and petrol. However, MOTs do serve a purpose, and it’s actually quite a laudable one: they’re there to ensure that every car on the road over 3 years old conforms to certain minimum standards. It’s for your protection as well as every one else’s, so we can all take some comfort from that. Owners of older vehicles should also remember that if you don’t hold a valid MOT, you won’t be able to tax or insure your car, and you could be liable for a fine of up to £1000.

The law as it stands is quite straightforward: once any vehicle reaches 3 years old there is a legal requirement to have it tested. The test is quite specific and only focuses on certain aspects of the car’s safety and roadworthiness. There’s a common misconception that if a vehicle passes an MOT then it will remain roadworthy for the rest of the year until the next test is due. Unfortunately this is incorrect. An MOT is just a snap-shot of the condition of any vehicle on a specific day: all the certificate tells the owner is that on the day of testing, the vehicle passed the legal tests for safety, roadworthiness and vehicle emissions. It doesn’t guarantee your car’s safety for the rest of the year. If a car owner wishes to keep the car in a mechanically satisfactory condition, then it will need to be serviced at regular intervals.

Bakestone Motors are a VOSA registered garage with qualified engineers who will inspect your vehicle’s standard of roadworthiness and safety. We are licensed as both as MOT Service Centre and our mechanics are also Agency-certified. Before we carry out an MOT, our mechanics will check the steering, suspension, brakes, lighting and indicator circuits and the exhaust condition of the each vehicle to ensure it meets the legal requirements. We will, if authorised, carry out the necessary repairs to make sure your vehicle passes the test and is deemed roadworthy.

Should your vehicle fail its MOT, then it will need to be re-tested after all the specified repairs have been completed. A failed MOT indicates that your vehicle does not meet the minimum safety standards for road use, and therefore Bakestone Motors would caution against using the car until if has been repaired and re-tested.  Re-testing is normally carried out free of charge, however, there may be an additional fee charged if your vehicle is not repaired and presented for re-testing within 24 hours.

For further information or clarification about the MOT testing procedure, please contact Bakestone Motors on 01625 872807/0161 483 7526.