MOTs – exhaust emissions testing requirements

Every domestic vehicle over 3 year’s old, is required by law to pass an MOT that has been carried out at a Government-certified testing station. The purpose of this test is not to ensure that your vehicle meets the minimum standards that the law dictates on the day of the test, but also to ensure the safety of other road users and the environment. An essential part of the MOT test is now vehicle exhaust gas emissions testing. This is carried out to ensure that the exhaust gases emitted by any vehicle are within the permitted levels stipulated by both national and European laws. Continue reading

Why is there a legal requirement to have an MOT?

That’s the question most people ask. It’s not surprising really, and I suspect most drivers might see it as another stealth tax on the much-maligned motorist, on top of insurance, road tax and petrol. However, MOTs do serve a purpose, and it’s actually quite a laudable one: they’re there to ensure that every car on the road over 3 years old conforms to certain minimum standards. It’s for your protection as well as every one else’s, so we can all take some comfort from that. Owners of older vehicles should also remember that if you don’t hold a valid MOT, you won’t be able to tax or insure your car, and you could be liable for a fine of up to £1000. Continue reading