Why is it important to have your car serviced regularly?

Are you thinking of putting off your next car service? Well, in today’s financial climate you’d probably be forgiven. When money’s tight and petrol prices are as high as they are, it pays to look after the pennies:  the pounds can then look after themselves. Let’s be honest about this, you wouldn’t be alone: we’re all looking to save money and tighten our belts at the moment. Yet, the truth of the matter is, postponing that interim or full car service might be more costly than you think. Minor faults that would’ve been picked up during a regular service have a nasty habit of turning into major, costly problems down the line. It’s much better to bite the bullet and have your car serviced regularly. We all know deep down that it makes sense.

So why is regular servicing important, and how can it save you money in the medium and long term?

  • According to a recent survey from car tyre specialists, HiQ, 32% of people are putting off, or skipping regular car servicing in order to save money. Minor problems can easily be corrected by servicing, yet the costs of not repairing a vehicle may more than double if the fault isn’t corrected straight away.
  • Cars that haven’t been regularly serviced are more likely to be fuel-inefficient. With the exorbitant costs of fuel these days, this will cost the motorist more in the long run. Every car needs to be serviced so that its engine runs as optimally and as efficiently as possible. Any savings you make by not servicing your vehicle will be more than cancelled out by the extra fuel you’ll have to put in your tank.
  • Many motorists mistakenly believe that any vehicle faults will be picked up during the MOT, so they don’t bother with interim servicing. However, if you leave the problem until the MOT, the chances are the cost of repairs will be considerably more than it need have been. Remember that regular servicing can also increase the life and durability of your vehicle’s mechanical components.
  • You could be putting your own wellbeing in danger by not having your car serviced regularly, let alone the safety of other road users. Regular servicing will ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy.

If you want to ensure that your vehicle is as safe and efficient as you’d like it to be, make sure you have it serviced regularly at a reputable and proven garage like Bakestone Motors. Nobody wants to be inconvenienced by unexpected breakdowns, and neither do they want to panic about the large bill that may be looming around MOT time. Look after your vehicle and it will look after you.